.NET Aspire Preview 4 发布!

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.NET Aspire Preview 4 is now available! Here’s a summary of what’s new in this preview release:
.NET Aspire Preview 4 现已推出!以下是此预览版中新增内容的摘要:

.NET Aspire Preview 4 is now available! Here's a summary of what's new in this preview release:
.NET Aspire Preview 4 现已推出!以下是此预览版中新增内容的摘要:

  • Podman  
    • Support for running apps with podman
      支持使用 podman 运行应用程序
  • Dashboard  仪表板
    • Standalone container image, see sample
    • Accessibility improvements, including shortcuts with Shift+?
      辅助功能改进,包括 Shift + ? 快捷键
    • Metrics table view, toggle between graph or table
  • Databases and Entity Framework improvements
    • New management tools, MySQL (phpMyAdmin) and MongoDB (mongo-express)
      新的管理工具,MySQL (phpMyAdmin) 和 MongoDB (mongo-express)
    • Entity Framework migrations issues resolved, see sample
    • Database server resource updates
    • Database container resource updates
    • New Enrich APIs, Enrich[Provider]DdContext
      新的 Enrich API, Enrich[Provider]DdContext
  • External parameters, see .NET Aspire docs: External parameters
    外部参数,请参阅 .NET Aspire 文档:外部参数
  • New idioms:  新习语:
    • DistributedApplicationBuilder.ExecutionContext, and the IsPublisherMode
      DistributedApplicationBuilder.ExecutionContext 和 IsPublisherMode
    • PublishAsRunAs, and As APIs
      PublishAs 、 RunAs 和 As API
  • API improvements  API 改进
    • Change container properties, WithImageTag
      更改容器属性, WithImageTag
    • Splitting bind and volume mounts, WithVolumeMount and WithBindMount
      拆分绑定和卷安装, WithVolumeMount 和 WithBindMount
  • Components  成分
  • Containers with Azure resource mapping (with more planned)
    具有 Azure 资源映射的容器(还有更多计划)
    • Redis -> Azure Redis
    • Postgres -> Azure Database for PostgresSQL
    • SQL Server -> Azure SQL Server
      SQL 服务器 -> Azure SQL 服务器
  • Deployment  部署
    • New primitive, the Azure Bicep resource
      新primitive,Azure Bicep 资源
    • AZD has been updated to include better support for deployment scenarios to align with preview-4 of .NET Aspire
      AZD 已更新,包含对部署方案的更好支持,以与 .NET Aspire 的 preview-4 保持一致
    • The deployment manifest now only contains six resource types, see .NET Aspire manifest format for deployment tool builders
      部署清单现在仅包含六种资源类型,请参阅部署工具构建器的 .NET Aspire 清单格式
  • Emulators updates  模拟器更新
    • Change from UseEmulator to RunAsEmulator
      从 UseEmulator 更改为 RunAsEmulator

For more information, see .NET Aspire docs: Preview 4.
有关详细信息,请参阅 .NET Aspire 文档:预览版 4。

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